Great Dog Obedience Tips – Train Your Pet Perfectly

You simply have to teach your pet how to behave at home and during the outdoor walks. In this way you will both have a great time together. You should definitely adopt an effective training system. You should also use as many dog obedience tips as possible. In this way you will get results more effectively and more quickly.

The main tip that you should definitely use is to use positive reinforcement to train your dog. It has been proven that this is the safest and most effective training method. It is best to reward an action with a treat. You can readily use clicker training. In this case the reward – the click is given during the action itself. This makes it easier for the dog to make the association between the obedient behavior and the treat. In turn the training is quicker and more effective.

The earlier you start the training the better – this is perhaps the most important one of the dog obedience tips. You can begin teaching your puppy when it is 12 weeks old. It is best for the obedience training to take place each day. If you have more time, you can carry out two to three sessions per day. At the same time the training should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes. The dogs and the young ones in particular will get nervous and even aggressive if the sessions last longer.

It is important for you to increase the difficulty gradually by beginning with the simplest tasks possible. This is among the most effective dog obedience tips. You should start by teaching one basic command. Most people begin with sit. It is a good idea for you to start rewarding natural behavior as part of the first phase of the training. When your pet is seated you simply have to click. Then you have to make it associate the voice command with the specific sound. Eventually you will get rid of the click.

You have to be patient throughout the training – this is another one of the dog obedience tips that you should keep in mind all the time. You should not react hastily when your pooch does not behave well or when it gets distracted. You have to keep cool and try to divert its attention. You can readily use words and a positive tone. At the same time you should not give treats as this can encourage the bad behavior.

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